"Superfine! The Fairest Fair" is back to challenge the establishment! An alternative to mainstream fairs, each edition of Superfine! creates a cutting-edge marketplace where buyers, sellers, and artists can operate transparently on an even plane. The fair provides exhibitors with an affordably priced, high-impact space, while creating a full and dynamic environment for attendees where collectors gain access to high quality original artwork and design by the most talented artists on the planet.


Miami Art Week 2016

Superfine! The Fairest Fair

December 1-4, 2016

56 NE 29th Street

Miami, FL 33137

(Event and Artist Images Below)

Making it's debut at the fair and adding Franck de las Mercedes to their roster of contemporary artists is "The Directed Art Modern (DAM)."  The DAM was conceived on the ideals of a team striving to change the business of art. Melanie Prapopoulos accredited founder of the DAM manages international artists and their ever-developing portfolios, as well as collectors with art acquisitions. Valery Francisco, co-founder with an international curatorial history directing contemporary art fairs, exhibitions and site specific installations for over a decade. Vivian Sangsukwirasathien, formerly at Sotheby’s specializing in secondary markets and in assisting artists lends her expertise to further enhance the DAM’s initiatives.

Franck de las Mercedes' body of work includes painting, collage and drawing in which he combines abstract figuration, journal entry and hieroglyphic-like text, in energetic abstractions bursting with color. In Franck’s paintings, childhood memories in war-torn Nicaragua and his upbringing as an immigrant in the US, are extracted and combined with fragments of current events and family dynamics in life and books. Exploring the contrast between memory and present-day cultural context, Franck creates scenes on canvas of an emotionally charged urban landscape. http://www.franckdelasmercedes.com/